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Calcium And Sodium Gluconate

There is calcium and sodium gluconate offered by us that helps as a soil remover for laundry detergents as it breaks the calcium bond holding the dirt to the fabric and further prevents the soil redepositing onto the fabric. Sodium Gluconate Powder is mixed in concrete and cement to enhance the quality and strength of the construction project. The proximity of the oxygen atoms within the chemical structure aids its function as a highly efficient chelating agent. Calcium gluconate is a viable option in cases of beta-blocker overdose with shock refractory to other measures. The supplied calcium and sodium gluconate is made available by us in various types and is very useful. It is easy to use.

Calcium Gluconate IP

As a leading firm in the respective industry, we are actively engrossed in bringing forth top-grade Calcium Gluconate IP to the worthy clients. It has myriad usages in diverse industries for which high on demand across the market. It is composed of graded chemical substances with formula of C12H22CaO14 in powder form, white hue, and 99% purity. Owing to its 120 oC melting point, it is absolutely soluble in water. Featured with molar mass of 430.373 g/mol, Calcium Gluconate IP is available with us in 25kg packet packaging at negotiable prices.

Sodium Gluconate

Being a reputed business entity in this sector, we are profoundly indulged in bringing forth first-rate Sodium Gluconate. It is utilized in textile printing, dyeing, and metal surface water treatment. Also, it is utilized as a steel surface cleaning agent, a cleaning agent for glass bottles, and as a chelating agent for plating, cement, and alumina dyeing industries. Composed with formula of C6H11NaO7, it comes in 50kg packet packaging. Moreover, Sodium Gluconate is featured with purity from 99 to 101%, and molecular weight of 218.14 g/mol.